Affinity Static Control & Consulting

Summary of Services

New materials and new applications often require specialized test methods to evaluate expected performance parameters. Standard test methods may not fully characterize a new material or a standard material that is used in a new configuration or application. Affinity personnel have considerable experience in designing test methods relevant to intended applications. Experience gained in industries such as graphic arts, chemical processing, film and plastic manufacturing, munitions and explosives, pharmaceuticals, and oil exploration all have contributed to the development of application specific testing expertise.

Test method development for new materials requires an understanding of the intent of the manufacturer. What is the material suppose to do? How will it be used? What will happen if it is not used correctly? Is there a hazard involved? Is this material replacing something else in the same application? What are the benefits to the end-user? These questions and others will help in creating a test protocol that will help define the material performance attributes. Once that is done, test methods can be created to evaluate the material to the anticipated and defined performance attributes.

Known or standard materials are often used to create a new product, a new configuration for an existing product or fit a product into a new application. The new configuration or application may require a different understanding of performance. Evaluation of the performance attributes of a new product or configuration could require modification of existing test methods. Affinity will evaluate the new application or configuration and recommend test method modifications that will accurately determine the new performance attributes.

Test methods are necessary to determine material performance to specifications. New materials or applications will require setting new specifications. Affinity is well suited to assist in determining specifications and limits based on evaluations with new test methods.

Affinity can assist in developing special tests for evaluating the following properties:

  • Electrical Resistance
  • Electrostatic Charge Decay
  • Electrostatic Charge Generation/Triboelectrification
  • Electrostatic Discharge Energy
  • Electrostatic Shielding/Discharge Shielding
  • Ionization Decay Rate/Ion Balance