Affinity Static Control & Consulting

Summary of Services

Thank you for your interest in Affinity Static Control Consulting, L.L.C. (Affinity). We are now in our 2nd decade of solving electrostatic problems and improving ESD Control Programs. Below is a list of services we offer.

Industrial Electrostatics

Investigating and providing solutions to industrial electrostatic problems are unique offerings from Affinity. No other company can surpass Affinity in terms of experience and success in troubleshooting electrostatic related problems, regardless of industry.

Process Assessment

Affinity has experience in determining the extent of electrostatic phenomena within most automated process equipment to help establish the process capability as related to component ESD susceptibility.

Material Qualification

Affinity provides testing of most ESD control materials at low and moderate humidity conditions as required by the standards. In addition, ANSI/ESD S20.20 specifies that all materials meet certain requirements using ESD Association approved test methods and procedures.

Program Review

Expert review of your existing ESD Control Program with suggestions for improvement to comply with ANSI/ESD S20.20 as well as any other industry accepted electrostatic control program standard.

Program Preparation

Affinity has prepared an ESD Control Program document that has successfully achieved certification to S20.20. Customizing this program document to fit your applications and specific needs is a major offering from Affinity.

Electrostatic Training Programs

ESD Basics and Electrostatic Attraction (ESA) to ESD Program Implementation and Auditing, tailored to meet your individual and group needs.

Test Method Development

New materials and new applications often require specialized test methods to evaluate expected performance parameters. Standard test methods may not fully characterize a new material or a standard material that is used in a new configuration or application.