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ESD Program Review

While nearly every company that produces or handles electronic parts or products recognizes the need to consider control of static electricity in their operating procedures, many do not have a clearly defined ESD Control Program Plan. Seeking Certification to ANSI/ESD S20.20 forces each company to prepare and implement an ESD Control Program Plan that will provide protection for susceptible parts whenever and wherever they are handled or stored. S20.20 also forces a company to understand the sensitivity level of parts during the program plan development.

Affinity will conduct a thorough and expert review of your Program Plan and make recommendations to ensure compliance to the most current version of ANSI/ESD S20.20, including international implications. Affinity will also assist in the revision of your existing Program Plan as needed.

Preparation of a Program Plan may be the most time consuming aspect of S20.20 Certification, particularly if your own personnel require additional training and experience before taking on the task. Affinity will work with your staff to create a custom ESD Control Program Plan designed specifically for your applications and requirements, saving you considerable time and internal resource allocation. It is well known within the industry that an effective and well run ESD Control Program saves any size company “lots” of money in the long run.